When pressing enter on a checklist item, the new item should also be part of the checklist

I am working on a checklist and need to add new items to an existing checklist. When pressing enter to add a new line to the list it is not automatically formatted as a list. New lines should inherit the format from the line above them, or at least provide a toggle setting in options to inherit the formatting from the line above.

We’ve had a few requests for this before, and we often suggest making the parent a checklist instead, because hierarchy is what makes outliners work.

Is it appropriate in your case to make the the parent item a checklist?

I guess that is a solution but to me it looks odd to have the title of the list also have a checkbox. It’s an odd behavior but not completely unacceptable.

Yeah, we’ve thought of removing the checkbox at the parent level as well. That would make it consistent with numbered list as well.

Thanks for the input! Really helps us making things less confusing for new users in the future :slight_smile:

The problem with that solution is if I create a parent as checklist I now need to have checkboxes in all children. Can you make it more flexible so we can mark parent as checklist and all its children will be created with checkboxes exactly like it is currently, but we will still have ability to remove it manually on some of them?

This is currently impossible and it would be very useful when you want to make structured notes on items:

(I know this structure is weird, I deleted those checkboxes randomly from DOM as an example.)

Edit: Oh, I see this is already planned, right? Trello

After playing around with the checkbox structure, I do think there are cases in which having a parent-level checkbox is useful (packing lists for instance, so you know all things of one type are packed), and cases in which it’s not useful. I don’t think making a global change to remove parent-level checkboxes is the best, but being able to manually remove them or toggle an option in settings would allow for some flexibility based on the specific use-case.

Yes it is, I was about to say! I hope you’ve voted for it already :slight_smile:

Maybe we should distinguish between checkbox and checklist, so you can add one-off checkboxes without consequences, or use a full checklist so all children can automatically inherit the checkbox. In the checklist case, the parent should probably have a progress pie rather than a checkbox.

The problem with this solution is of course that it may be too complicated :slight_smile: