What's the hotkey for "Insert new item (above or below)"?

When your cursor is at the very start or very end of an item, Enter key is the hotkey.

But usually you just click the item, somewhere in the middle. Then Enter doesn’t work, it slices the item in two. What’s the lazy person hotkey to Insert new item?

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@BigChungus funny you recommend this, I just logged in to add this as a feature request. I find when doing extensive note taking, this would be very useful to create a new node (at least underneath the current node).

I am a keyboard guy and speed is the key. So this would help.

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If you have mac there is a hotkey Ctrl-Arrow to go to the start or end of a line before you hit Enter. Seems to work ok.

The hotkey combinations for me are End-Enter and Home-Enter.

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@BigChungus yes good idea. Seems all platforms support some form of “go to the end of the line” like on Windows: CTRL+Up Arrow or CTRL+DownArrow

So I guess its not so bad since muscle memory can get good at this.

Thank you for bringing the topic up.

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