What do you use for taking longer / more complex notes?


As a one-time buy TheBrain is not bad, especially for what it delivers. I live from a laptop so that helps; syncing is not really needed for me. Besides which, I find TB on on a mobile or ipad a so-so experience.

TB9 came a long way. It’s a solid product at the moment but still beta-ish with a bug creeping in here or there – but I use it as my main brain.


I use Google Docs and more recently Dropbox Paper. I can link to them in Dynalist and they both work well mobile.


One of my end of the year projects was to consolidate my previous note apps, as I had things all over the place, and was never sure where to find something. Feels really nice to have that behind me!

I’ve migrated everything to Bear, replacing the following 3:

  1. Evernote (also cancelled Pro subscription)
  2. Simplenote
  3. Apple Notes

I really got sick of Evernote’s UI bloat and constant nagging for even more upgrades, despite being a paying customer. Bear is clean, excellent for longer notes, and supports Markdown, a big plus. The only EN feature I’ll miss was searching for scanned OCR text in images, but I think I only need this a few times a year, and it just means I’ll need to be more thorough with tags / image notes for finding stuff later.


Scanned OCR text in image works very well on OneDrive. That’s where I store a bunch of quotes and what not.


By OneDrive, do you mean OneNote? I certainly can do some OCR: ScanSnap processes it for scanned documents anyway. It’s just that Bear doesn’t use that for indexing, AFAIK. Finder does though, among other apps (PDF Search is part of Setapp suite, for example), so it’s still a search option for me.

EN just handled that part a little better, with the awesome highlighting directly on top of the image for the search result hits.


OneDrive does text-in-image too:

And yes, Scansnap is great. Rather rely on that than on Evernote’s OCR.


Today only (Fri 26 Jan 2018), GOTD are giving CintaNotes Pro away free - I paid about $40 for it! It’s a great program and a good complement to Dynalist for heavier duty note taking. It’s a no-brainer. https://www.giveawayoftheday.com/cinta-notes-pro/