Web vs Windows Desktop Versions

My desktop version seems to be out of date compared to the web app. Normally, I wouldn’t care too much, but the checkbox change that happened a few months back (adding checkbox used to apply to all children nodes, but now it is done on a node by node basis) isn’t updated in my desktop app. This makes things confusing moving back and forth between the desktop and web apps, which happens some for me.

Is this expected? I had assumed that the desktop app was basically just a wrapper with offline caching added, but this makes it look like that is not so. Am I missing anything?

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Have you checked main menu (menu icon at the top right corner) - About to check if a new version is available? There has definitely been a new version since the checkbox update, but it’s impossible to live swap versions, so restarting the app from time to time helps.

Desktop is usually behind the web app as each update would make all clients download a newer version, which is kind of expensive. We want to iron out any small bugs on the web app if possible before that. Thanks for understanding!

Hi Erica,
That all makes sense. I have checked the app for updates, and I did actually update the desktop app today (I’d been checking for updates prior to this too though). However, I still seem to have the old checkbox behavior in the desktop app (current version on my work laptop is v1.3.1, not sure of home, which is the one that update this morning). This is on both my work and home computer installs, so if it’s a bug it would seem related to something with my account/usage somehow.

Is there any further information I can provide?


That’s weird, the latest version is 1.3.6.

Is it possible that your firewall has blocked certain sites?

That’s definitely possible, even likely I’d say. My assumption had been that this was the issue until I updated my home computer and saw the issue there too…but maybe I missed something there.
I’m going to do a fresh manual install on the work machine and double check the behavior on the home machine (along with a version check) and then I’ll report back…hopefully doing that will clear things up.

As a side note, when I go to “About” on the work machine it reports that “Dynalist is up to date”. I assume this is because the app can’t actually connect to the mother ship for notice of an update, but it is misleading in this case. Maybe change to a “can’t phone home” error/warning here?

Thanks, that indeed sounds like it’s not connecting properly somehow.

@Shida: is it possible for us to know whether the update server is being properly contacted?

There’s something more going on here too…
I don’t have time to get to dig any further tonight, but I’m having difficulty uninstalling/reinstalling Dynalist on my work laptop. I double checked on the home computer and that is up to date and checkboxes are working the same as on the web, I must have been overly tired when doing that test.

When I uninstall from the work machine it appears to do so successfully (according to Win10 add/remove interface).
Running the installer after this leaves me with version 1.3.1.

If I go to %appdata% in Explorer though the Dynalist directory is still there, with what appears to be all files. I also found ./AppData/Local/dynalist-updater. I renamed both of these to some other name and proceeded to run the installer again. The version is now unclear, I get the following message from About:
You’re currently running Dynalist Unknown.
Dynalist is up to date.

I still get the same old checkbox behavior, so it seems like it’s still stuck on 1.3.1 somehow, but is getting mixed up because of the AppData directories being fresh.

One other tidbit is that after the fresh install Win10 add/remove is still showing v1.0.5. This is what it showed when I first uninstalled too, so I’m assuming that’s the first version that I installed.

Are there any other places that I should look after the uninstall to make sure that it’s actually been uninstalled? Other ideas for what might be happening here?

@Shida: @Jonathan_Barton is having trouble updating from 1.3.1 to 1.3.6.

About says:

You’re currently running Dynalist Unknown.
Dynalist is up to date.

Maybe the logs would help?

The ./logs directory is empty in both the new %appdata%/Dynalist directory and my backed up %appdata%/zzz_Dynalist.
Is there another area with logs?

After you uninstall. Manually remove:


This is what I had done before, except that the uninstaller removed /AppData/Local/Dynalist correctly, so I didn’t have to do anything for that one.
I think the next thing to try is doing this again with a restart after the uninstall and manual removal step. Then make sure that I’ve got all my admin rights setup at all steps.

Is it a safe assumption that a fresh install will ignore the directory /AppData/Roaming/zzz_Dynalist? Or should I actually just delete it or move it to an entirely different backup directory?

Could you try going to %appdata%/dynalist/dynalist and PM me the latest .log file in that folder? Thanks!