Visual indicator for items added via Inbox

I am enjoying the new add to Inbox feature that was recently released. However, since the items I capture with this have not been “filed” or sorted, they are just captured for later processing, it would be nice to see which items came through that process. Maybe you could think about adding some kind of additional markup to a task created through “add to inbox” that would provide us with a visual indicator that the item was added via the inbox, but that could be deleted from the line once processed.


Or perhaps specify a tag that gets added automatically, like #inbox .

Yes, that would be good as well.

So the indicator would exist while the item is still in the inbox, but disappear when you move it else where?

I actually like @Craig_Oliver idea of a tag that is automatically added. This could be deleted then. But some way to know that it came through the inbox feature. And eventually when there is a email to outline feature, this would be just as important.

What I’m having trouble understanding how is having the “#inbox” tag different from the fact that the item is in your inbox location.

So here you meant “could be deleted” as in “I might delete it but I might not”?

@Erica, I now understand. It is true that this item arrives in a designated location, but that designated location might be with other tasks already existing. A default tag indicated the list item was created via inbox would help the item to stand out from other tasks. Because its just a tag added to the inbox item, the tag could be deleted from the line.

I have seen other systems that do this, they provide a visual indiciator that the item arrived via some “quick add” feature. But those indicators become a permanent part of the list item. This I don’t like, because after processing the items that were added this way, I don’t care how they arrived there.

Here is a typical scenario: I am working in various outlines through out the day. As I move around, I am adding items using the inbox feature. But the inbox feature I have linked with my current todo list. The reason is, the next time I open my todo list I want to see those items added via the Inbox feature, either because they need to be done soon, or they need to be processed (perhaps reassigned to another outline).

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I understand where you’re coming from now.

Personally, I use a dedicated location as my inbox, so I know all of them arrived through inbox capture. I can see the benefit of doing it your way though.

Thanks for the detailed explanation, we’ll think about this!