[Very Annoying] Date picker opens when cursor in front of image link

Steps to reproduce

  1. Have an item with a note like

  2. Have cursor at YAYAY

  3. Hit Up to move the cursor up

  4. Hit Enter to move the image link down

Expected result

A blank line at the beginning of the note, and my cursor is still at the beginning of the image link.

Actual result

The date picker opens up.


Chrome on macOS

Additional information

It’s annoying because I like the use the keyboard for everything, and when the date picker unintentionally pops up, I end up accidentally selecting a date., and the image link gets destroyed, and the cursor doesn’t go where I want it to.

I can’t seem to reproduce this on my mac. On top of that, we’ve specifically coded against arrow keys to not trigger the popup.


Not sure what’s happening on your end. If you can find consistent steps to get the issue to happen, I should be able to get you a fix.

Did you see any errors in the js console?

@Shida I updated the description with steps you should be able to reproduce! It’s the Enter key that’s causing the issue.

Ok I got it to repro and I have it fixed. Will be deployed in a few days.