Version History reverses order of most documents' items, subitems, etc

Steps to reproduce

Right-click on a document and click Version History.

Expected result

The documentā€™s previous versions (displayed on left) have their items and sub-items listed in the same order as the documentā€™s current version (displayed on the right)

Actual result

For most (not all) of my documents, the previous versions have their items (and subitems, recursively) listed in reverse order. Therefore in order to fully restore a previous version of a document with many levels of hierarchy, I would need to not only copy and paste the OPML but then right-click on every item which contains multiple children, and click Sort > Reverse Current. This makes Version History almost useless for reverting complex documents.


Windows 10, Google Chrome, no third-party scripts

Can reproduce, will fix in the next patch.

Iā€™ve developed a fix, will be released in the next few days.

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