Version history has bunch of bugs

Recently I saw that I’ve deleted some nodes and opened version history to find out where i did it so i could restore it.

I’ve experienced bunch of issues there.

  • load more loads only 2 versions per click and you have to press it bunch of times to see old changes (it’s especially frustrating if you work on one doc all the time)
  • then at some point when I I’ve selected last loaded version and then clicked load more but no new items were added, I pressed load more couple times and then new items have appeared.

Once I’ve found the place where i have removed the nodes i was looking for i pressed on it (on left side, it was red) and then in Formatted section I saw nothing, also was not able to switch to plain text.

then I reloaded the app, and did everything again and was able to see tings in the Formatted section, but i was not able to select/copy it.

It happened in the native mac app.

I believe the reason why it takes many clicks to load versions is that the version history interface “aggregates” changes by the same user on the same device in rapid succession (within 5 minutes apart). So every time a sync happens, a new version is generated.

The “Load more” button fetches a fixed number of older changes, and as you describe in your use case, would likely be aggregated together.

I suspect a more reasonable solution here to avoid confusion is to allow (or default to) the non-aggregated view, so it would be obvious that more changes are being loaded. We could also increase the number of changes loaded each time.

As for the missing formatted section - that’s weird, must be a bug. If you can figure out a way to make it happen every time, it’d help us a lot in nailing down what’s causing it.

Could you check if it’s happening on the web version from your Mac as well?