Version History doesn't load the changes beyond 1 week

I can load more in the date list to see dates beyond a week, but when I click the dates they don’t do anything. Any date within a week can be clicked and the old changes load. Is this a bug? I must have accidentally deleted an item over a week ago so I want to look back and find it.

By “when I click the dates they don’t do anything” do you mean the right panel doesn’t change? And do you see any errors in the console?

I tested on one of my documents and I can easily see version history from 2 weeks ago.

It seems to be specifically anything earlier than Nov 7 won’t load.

EDIT: It just keeps whatever Nov7 or later version you had showing. If I click Nov 10, then Nov 6, I will still see the Nov 10 document. Nov 6 or earlier just doesn’t trigger any changes.

Do you see any errors in the console? In the desktop app, it can be opened by Alt - “View” in the menu bar - “Toggle Developer Tools”.

Ok I see it, ya actually. The Nov 7 and later dates are fine but Nov 6 and earlier make this error in console:

raven.min.js?v=20191115104105:2 Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'set_meta' of undefined
at main.min.js?v=20191115104105:1
at Function.Array.each.Array.each (main.min.js?v=20191115104105:1)
at _.apply (main.min.js?v=20191115104105:1)
at _.revert (main.min.js?v=20191115104105:1)
at e.apply_backward (main.min.js?v=20191115104105:1)
at e.go_to_version (main.min.js?v=20191115104105:1)
at e.goto_version_group (main.min.js?v=20191115104105:1)
at e.on_goto_version (main.min.js?v=20191115104105:1)
at HTMLDivElement.dispatch (jquery.min.js?v=20191115104105:1)
at HTMLDivElement.v.handle (jquery.min.js?v=20191115104105:1)
at HTMLDivElement.d (raven.min.js?v=20191115104105:2)
(anonymous) @ main.min.js?v=20191115104105:1
Array.each.Array.each @ main.min.js?v=20191115104105:1
_.apply @ main.min.js?v=20191115104105:1
_.revert @ main.min.js?v=20191115104105:1
e.apply_backward @ main.min.js?v=20191115104105:1
e.go_to_version @ main.min.js?v=20191115104105:1
e.goto_version_group @ main.min.js?v=20191115104105:1
e.on_goto_version @ main.min.js?v=20191115104105:1
dispatch @ jquery.min.js?v=20191115104105:1
v.handle @ jquery.min.js?v=20191115104105:1
d @ raven.min.js?v=20191115104105:2

Cool, we’ll see if we can find out why it’s giving that error. Thanks for grabbing the log for us!

I found the issue:
Our API seems to have created version history logs that are slightly inconsistent with our regular logs, which tripped up the error you saw.

We’ll apply a two-part fix:

  1. The API version history log will be corrected.
  2. The Version History page will correctly open the inconsistent/bad format.

The fix is not deployed yet, but in a few days it should be, and by then you should be able to see past that particular change.

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