Version History Before Pro

So, the main reason I’d want to upgrade is pretty much just so I can have access to the version history, but don’t plan on paying for pro immediately after my free trial ends. I will be doing a lot on this site in the time period between my free trial ending and getting pro. Does my version history show of all time, even when I didn’t have the plan? Or does it only start keeping track when I get pro? I don’t want to pay for pro if I can’t see my past version history. Thanks

Yes, it should be fine. I say this because on occasion, someone without Pro has come to the forums in a panic, and Erica has given them an extra Pro trial, so they can use version history to recover what they lost.

I am not sure what you’re planning with this delayed Pro subscription plot, but I will warn that version history saves every little change, so scrolling thru the old versions is slow. To scroll a month back takes a whole minute of click and scroll. It’s annoying when something is very far back. But, luckily, Pro also comes with Daily Backups which are easier to grab.