Using ! to insert date bring picker up off-screen

Steps to reproduce

Go to end of an item, type space, !

Expected result

I should see a date picker

Actual result

The date picker is created at top of the list, which is off-screen if you’re not on first few items. You have to scroll up to top to see the picker.


macos high sierra, 10.13.3
native dynalist app

Additional information

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Additional comments

Hi James, I tried playing around but can’t seem to understand the exact case you’re referring to.

If I invoke it at the top of screen, it’s placed under:

Do you mind posting a quick screenshot? That way it’ll be much easier for us to understand what’s going on. Thanks in advance!

here you go. hopefully the comments on the screenshots help…

Very helpful, thanks!

Can I know the version of your desktop app? You can find it in main menu (menu icon at the top right corner) - “About”. Thanks in advance!

1.0.54. says its the latest.


It’s indeed the latest version.

I’ve figured out the cause of the issue, added to to-fix list and will fix asap! Thanks for letting us know.

Also, this bug should only happen when the window is narrow enough. A workaround for the time being before the fix would be to make it wide enough for the issue to go away. Sorry about the inconveniences!

oh that’s such an easy workaround. I have it onscreen fulltime, and have so many apps that even with 3 screens I was just used to keeping it narrow. Thanks!

Thanks for being understanding! This is terrible and we’ll fix it as soon as we can, so you should be able to resume using it at 1/3 screen width soon.

Sorry about that!

This should be fixed on the web version now, coming to desktop app soon!