Use it as password manager


I’m thinking of using Dynalist as a password manager. Anyone already tried this?

For starters, I’m thinking setting the password as being code, this way I can use the copy to clipboard button, to get the password right away.

But this has an issue, the password being visible / written to the browser. Any one knows any strategies to circumvent this.

It would be nice to have the password, without being seen, while the copy button actually copy the password to the clipboard.


Not sure that Dynalist offers the kind of security guarantees you may want for this. Dedicated password managers also offer conveniences for auto saving, filling and generating passwords.

Terrible idea for too many reasons to type out. You’re trusting the dynalist developers with all the money in your bank accounts? You’re willing to lose all your money if you lose your laptop and someone just drags some cache files into notepad.exe? Not to mention the big no-no of ever having a password in your computer clipboard in the first place. Apps can paste to their cloud server without your consent. I could go on and on. What’s wrong with just using your browser or operating systems built in password manager? Use a solution that at least has some professional security phD eye’s on it, don’t invent a new one on your own. Hahah.


Please have a look at this excellent tool, made exactly for this purpose - Bitwarden Open Source Password Manager | Bitwarden

There are several other password managers out there, but I find this one to be the best among them.
As much as we’d like to consider Dynalist a one-tool for everything, for password management it certainly is not, for the reasons exposed by BigChangus. And many others.

Agree with the sentiment but also the Bitwarden suggestion. Been my choice for a couple of years now and it’s at least as good as any and more reasonably priced than most.

I would suggest Lastpass. You have access to a more secure solution for all of your devices. (Two for free account) You can generate passwords and have them populate online forms automatically.