Use Cases: Notes vs. Insert New Line in Item

Hello, all. I’m curious about how Dynalist users make use of the notes functionality (Shift + Enter) and the capability to insert new lines in items (Control + Shift + Enter).

Having switched from just two documents to more than 200 documents recently (Dynalist and my brain work so much better this way!), I’ve found myself transforming notes into new lines in items. The latter way offers the ability to nest bullet points, for example without relying on Alt commands. I think Dynalist works better with new lines in items but am now wondering what folks are using notes for.

Thanks for chiming in and making this community awesome!

I use notes mostly for just add a bit extra info. for an item. For example I have a task need to be done, but in the process I’m waiting for a email reply, so I will just put something like wait for reply from xxx in the note. The reason I don’t put it in the New Line because wait for reply is not the task itself, but it is just a status of the task. And since you can choose only display 1th line, long web address and long notes are pretty good for it too.


I’m the same as KC. I use notes to add information that relates very specifically to that item, otherwise, it’s a new item. In addition, it would be information that didn’t need constant reference as I tend to have notes limited to a single line and would be continuously having to reveal them. Whatever approach you take, the golden rule is - be consistent.

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I think notes can be show one line or hidden, it is convenient for me.

I often use Dynalist to draft documents. One way I use it is for each node in the document to be a section header, and then I use the note text to be the section body text. This allows me to very quickly draft, rearrange, and then export the doc when I’m ready to print it.