“Use bullet point to zoom in” setting doesn't affect Android app behavior/interface. Is it right?


I’m exploring Dynalist app for Android, and realized that “use bullet point to zoom in” setting doesn’t affect Android app behavior/interface.

I mean, in Android app always the bullet is for “zoom in”, and the “collapse/expand” is at the right side of the item. And this doesn’t chance if setting “use bullet point to zoom in” is changed.

Is that setting useless indeed?

Thanks for info!

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Yes, and starting from the next version this setting will disappear from the mobile apps so people don’t get confused.

The reason is simple: if the bullet on mobile app is not used for zooming, but instead expanding and collapsing, it needs a hover state, which is not practical on mobile, since you can’t mouseover something on mobile.

I hope that makes sense!

Thanks for replying!
I makes total sense to remove that option from the App settings.
I was wondering what option would provide a seamless bullet behavior throughout Dynalist desktop, web and app: It seems “use bullet point to zoom in” is the best choice for me, since the default option (bullet to collapse/expand) would work just for desktop/web.

Yes, that would make it more seamless across platforms :slight_smile: