URGENT: Sidebar Documents not Syncing Between Desktop and Web (Lost access to new documents)

Environment: Windows 10 + Dynalist 1.1.5

  1. Create a new document or folder in the sidebar of the desktop app
  2. Ensure Dynalist is synced
  3. Log into web verison (Both Opera 52 + Chrome 59)
  4. Notice that changes are not reflected in the sidebar
  5. Notice that changes within document are visible
  6. Close Dynalist Desktop
  7. Relaunch
  8. Notice that sidebar is now showing the web view (thereby blocking access to new documents)
  9. Panic?

Attempted Troubleshooting:

  1. Check Network connection - Strong and fast :x:
  2. Cleared local storage in opera :x:
  3. Private browsing in opera :x:
  4. Load in fresh Chrome :x:
  5. Close and relaunch Dynalist :x:(Caused more trouble AHHHH)

View from develpor tools in dynalist

Can email logs if you need

Current view in desktop app:

Sidebar name = old name
Document header = updated name
(Should be the same)

All my document edits are still there (thank god) - but I don’t have access to 3 new documents that I was working on :frowning:

@Shida looks like the push server was down at the time of the issue, not sure if that’s related.

Could you take a look please?

Push was down, but that shouldn’t impact the sync protocol.

A couple of things that I’m not sure I understand correctly:

  1. Notice that sidebar is now showing the web view (thereby blocking access to new documents)

Could you explain you meant by this?

Did you create the 3 documents from the app, or from the browser?

What I mean is the “My files” sidebar showed two different versions initially:

  • the desktop view - which had all my edits and new documents in it
  • the web view - which was showing how my sidebar looked before I made any edits

When I shut down dynalist desktop app it ‘reverted’ to the unedited old sidebar but when you opened the actual files all the edits are there. (See screenshot labelled current view - the file selected in the sidebar is named “Projects” and its title on the doc is “Inbox + Live List”)

I always use the desktop app. The only reason I noticed this is I loaded dynalist on my phone to get access to a shopping list I created and couldn’t get access to it (it was one of the new documents) which sent me on this fun adventure!

Hmm so as I understand it, you’ve created files on the desktop app, which has never been synced to the server.

It seems as if the file structure (file pane) is not saved nor synced as you restart the desktop app. If you make a change to a file name now, wait for sync and restart the desktop app, does the rename gets saved?

So an update - I was able to manually recover most of my data from a combination of the daily backups, revision history and the .data files. Two things I noticed - all the documents I lost access to did have .data files created but didn’t get modified after I restarted dynalist and had the sidebar revert thing. Also for some reason the daily backups didn’t create backups of 1 of my files even though it’s been in dynalist since the start (which I think is a whole nother bug at this point).

PS I’m on Japan time right now so sorry for the weird/slow replies

Hi Shida - I have recovered all my data and now have everything syncing properly. Pretty much this problem hit right before I went to bed, so I called it a night and spent a few hour yesterday hunting for all my lost data which I was able to get to sync. (see above)

Edit: Backups are also working as expected now

Yeah, I was going to suggest recovering local changes/files from the data folder in the worst case. The usual procedure is to backup+rename the data folder and restart the desktop app, then let the app re-sync everything fresh from the server.

Ah I see. We’ll try to investigate further and see if we can prevent it from happening again.

In the mean time, do let us know if you encounter this again or if you have any guesses as to what might have happened.

Thanks! I will keep that recovery tip in mind but hopefully won’t have this problem again :crossed_fingers:

I also saved the console errors out in a .log file if that is at all useful.