Upper-right menu won't always open on click

Steps to reproduce

  1. Make sure your list is synced and refresh the page.
  2. Click on the upper-right menu.
  3. Notice how the menu will open normally.
  4. Click somewhere else on the page.
  5. Notice how the menu will automatically close.
  6. Again, click on the menu.
  7. Notice how the menu will not open.

Expected result

Expected the menu to always open when clicked.

Actual result

The menu not always open.


Web dynalist. Chrome for linux.

Additional information

  • You can do a loop of clicking away and clicking on the menu, and notice how half of the times you click, the menu won’t open.

Yeah I noticed this as well, I think this is pretty recent, will take a look and fix!

Thanks a lot for the report.

Update: fixed now!