Uploaded emails are deleted from source (Outlook)

Hi, when I drag an email from Outlook into Dynalist, Dynalist processes the upload and outputs the link for me to copy into my Dynalist document. I’ve noticed that the email in Outlook is then deleted (moved to the Deleted folder anyway).
Is this deliberate or can this be turned off somehow? I have Outlook set to delete the Deleted emails folder when I exit (to free up space) and I have to keep on remembering to retrieve any emails I’ve uploaded into Dynalist.


what Outlook, what operating system, what dynalist? I cannot drag an email from Outlook 2016 in Windows 10 into the DynaList desktop app. It refuses.

I’m using Outlook via Microsoft 365 hosted on an Exchange server at work, with Dynalist running via Chrome.

Whaaaat? I don’t think anyone even knew you could do this period … I’m trying through outlook.office.com and through outlook web app and can’t get it to work …

I’m not 100% sure how all the MS Office apps work but I access Outlook using a desktop version but it syncs up with the 365 online version (so I can access OWA if I’m online without my laptop).
Within Outlook desktop it says MS Office 365 ProPlus but then has the url that points to the online version of the office suite.

For what it’s worth, you can send a copy of an email from Outlook to OneNote. You can copy/paste a link to OneNote into DynaList.

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Thanks Alan - I didn’t realise that Dynalist would open a OneNote link. Cheers

FYI just tested and it doesn’t work using the desktop version of Dynalist, only if I use Dynalist via Chrome