"Undo" button on desktop, better linked to current list

Often I want to rollback some changes. Unfortunately some of browsers I use override , and most of other usual shortcuts. Making another shortcut will broke experience in other browsers and finger reflexes.
It will be very useful to have Undo button, better linked to current list - so one will be able to rollback changes at the current list not touching other, and even better Redu button.

The browser you’re using is overriding Ctrl+Z?

Exactly. As well as most of other shortcuts.

Unfortunately this forum do not escape < and > and probably treat them as a tag so some of my post missed.

Which browser do you use? I’m surprised none of our users have reported this issue so far.

K-Meleon of some versions
and it’s descendants.
It is fastest, almost tiniest I know and pretty safe as most viruses just fail to work on it.

Anyway Undo button is a convinient way to undo as it seems to me

Sorry I don’t think we’ll implement it, as Ctrl+Z is not blocked on at least 95% of the browsers Dynalist users use (ballpark number).

None of the modern note taking apps have this button either. We don’t want to be Google Docs and figure out where to put these two buttons (redo/undo).

Mobile app has it on the top bar since there’s usually no keyboard shortcuts available, which is the only exception.