Undeletable Untitled note on iOS app

Steps to reproduce

Open the iOS app.

Expected result

There is no undeletable Untitled note.

Actual result

There is an Untitled note that reappears whenever I try to delete it.


iOS 12.1.4
Latest Dynalist

Additional information

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Additional comments

Can you provide screenshots or more info on this bug? It’s hard to pin down what you mean from that description.

Where does this occur in your list of documents/within your document?
Does the untitled note remain after restarting the app?

The Untitled note occurs at a random location within the list of documents. If I delete it it returns at a random location. It persists even if I restart the app.

Let me know if this makes sense… I am not sure what is unclear. It’s frustrating for me because the desktop and mobile apps are perfect aside from this bizarre bug and the bug where the cursor disappears in the iOS app.