Unable to easily add a "Note" from app and mobile version of website when zoomed into an item

If I start at the root of a document, and add a new list item, I can click the 3 bars to the left of the item and click “Add note” (Shift + Enter). On the mobile site and the App, I can also accomplish the same task by clicking on the new item and choosing the “Edit note” command (tiny icon above the keyboard) which is great.

What I want to do is create a new item, click the bullet to enter that item, then edit the note. On the desktop the “Content” has a 3-bar menu with the “Add note” option. The mobile website, however, only allows you to type into the content. It seems to be missing the option to choose any of the icons that you get to choose from when you create a sub list item.

So the workaround would be to create the new list item from the parent item (or root), then edit the note from the root and add a random word, then click the bullet which zooms into that item and from there edit the content in the note.

If anyone has any possibly solutions I would love to hear it! Thanks for your time!

When you start editing the content of a new item on mobile, you should also see that tiny note icon that you mentioned:

So the steps would be:

  1. Use Enter to create a new item;
  2. Enter some words for the content;
  3. Press the image icon to switch to note;
  4. Type the note.

Does that work for you?

P.S. On desktop you can use Shift+Enter to jump between content and note. It would be much faster than using the 3-bar menu once you get used to it.