Unable to copy spaces

Steps to reproduce

Create a node with spaces in it.

Select the spaces between text.

Copy and paste.

Expected result

Actual result

Using Dynalist on Chrome/Windows.

Note if you select all the way to the first Text (i.e. the spaces are encapsulated by text) the spaces copy fine.

Also, is there a way to enter tab characters at the moment?

Will fix the whitespace copying issue.

You can only enter Tab in notes right now. Maybe after fixing the whitespace pasting issue you will be able to copy and paste a Tab character.

Just curious, what do you need the Tab character for?

I have this behavior fixed and lined up for a deployment coming within a day or so.


for this in this: ....if this: ........this.this()


Is that in note or node? Note would be a preferable place to keep multi-line data, simply because Enter and Tab are handled better in notes.

That’s in a node.

You’re right. I guess node is more for specifying a point, and the note is where you expand upon that. I should change my style, because currently I use notes for very secondary points (i.e. Tigers are carnivorous. [E.g. they eat animals]).

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Update: this should be fixed now, thanks to @Shida!



So this works in a note, but not in a node, right? If I do it in a point/node, it only copies one space.

Looks like it works in the Windows app. How did you test it?

I’ve tested it again and it works in the Windows app, but not in Chrome/Win10.

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Ok will test that too!

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