Unable to access http://blog.dynalist.io/

Steps to reproduce

Open http://blog.dynalist.io/ in your webbrowser.

Expected result

The website is Dynalist Blog

Actual result

The website is Cloudflatre’s error 524 timeout page


Google Chrome on Linux

Additional information

There’s a quite long waiting time until the error page pops up

Additional comments

I’m not sure if this report should be posted in this particular sub-forum, but it seemed to be the best place to post to :slight_smile:

Thanks for reporting this!

I can access it alright though… can you try again? Maybe something was wrong 4 hours ago.

Yes, it works now, but was in error state for at least 2-3 hours yesterday

Ok, it was probably maintenance of our hosting provider. Could you please check, @Shida?

I didn’t see anything unusual - It could be cloudflare in a specific region that’s causing the issue. Lemme know if it happens again and I’ll email them.

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