Toggle checklist at any level at will

Same here.
It seems far more in line with Dynalist to let people decide for themselves what is and is not a checklist item.

Just started trying out Dynalist and this is the first negative thing I noticed.

I came to this forum to make this same exact suggestion, and looks like the developers are already working on it. Awesome.

Edit: actually looks like this was posted back in 2017… any plans to still implement this feature?

Hmm the unresponsiveness of the support/development team is certainly not inspiring confidence in me to make the switch from Workflowy. Guess I’m sticking with Workflowy Pro for now…

Sorry about the late reply!

We did plan to fix this since 2017, but it’s a pretty complicated issue with added migration complexity as well. Recently we realized there’s a better solution to this problem, and this time I think we’re closer to making this possible than ever. Stay tuned!

Hi @Erica

Any news on that? I would also love to see an option to having checkboxes only on the same level of indentation.

Thanks, Eberhard

Hopefully soon, although I don’t think the new behavior would be to have it work on the same level of indentation.

Related poll: Desired behavior when adding a checkbox

This is now implemented:

Thank for more flexibility with checkboxes. However it has a big drawback. I collect tasks and ideas in different lists without any checkbox. Then there is a list for today where checkbox for childrens was activated. This was very nice. When I moved an item to the todo list it automatically became a task with checkbox.
With the new implementation i need to do all the checkbox stuff manually. :frowning:

Can we get back a way of explicit listes with checkboxes, where all children created or moved into get a checkbox attached? Can there be an explicit non-checkbox-lists where the checkbox is automatically removed from the checkbox?

Unfortunately this seems to need a new property for lists in current implementation, dont it?

I don’t think so, unfortunately. Having both checklist and checkbox is too confusing in the app.

The workaround would be to do a “add checkbox to children” on the parent from time to time, or add the checkbox before sending it off.

Again I really welcome the possibility to change the checkbox per item by will.

But I tried it out for a while now. Not having a checkbox-list is really annoying for me. Moving items from my Backlog to the TodoList, i need to check every item indivudally now. The workaround to use the “add checkbox to children” time by time is very unconvinient.

I wonder, If I am the only, who is uncomfortable with the changed behaviour?

But I have an idea, that could work to introduce checklists again while keeping the individual possibilities. I will create a new feature request.