ToDo search help

I’m trying to create a bookmark search to only show me my tasks that are coming up or expired. Here is what I came up with:

-is:completed has:checkbox -has:children within:8d OR within:-12m OR #FOCUS

My thinking was that I could have it go through all of my projects that have many levels and pick out only the items that are at the deepest level, have checkboxes associated with them that aren’t already completed, and either are about to expire, already expired or that I specifically singled out with “#FOCUS”. I don’t know why but it seems like the “has:checkbox” isn’t doing anything because I’m still getting items without checkmarks showing up. Also it appears like the “-has:children” isn’t doing anything either but I’m not sure it was the best strategy anyways. I’m new to search operators so I’d appreciate any assistance with these issues, or just advice generally a better way of going about what I’m trying to accomplish. Thanks!

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Dynalist is a bit odd hear. Using OR will have a higher precedence than AND.

Try using this in one row:

-is:completed has:checkbox -has:children within:8d OR
-is:completed has:checkbox -has:children within:-12m OR
-is:completed has:checkbox -has:children #FOCUS


Thank you so much. That’s not at all what I would have expected.