Title of document shown as "Untitled" in desktop app, but not web app

Steps to reproduce

When selecting documents in the sidebar, normally the title of the document is also shown as the top most line in the document pane. Some (but not all) of my documents, will show “Untitled” as the first item in the document pane, even if the document is in fact titled. I can’t reliably reproduce the error. Editing the document name seems to fix it. Interestingly, opening the same document in the web app shows the correct name as the top item.


MacOS 10.15.7
Desktop app: Dynalist 1.4.4.
Are you using any third-party scripts for Dynalist, e.g. PowerPack? No

Additional information

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Could you open the developer console and see if there’s any red errors? It’s in the View menu.

Hi @Shida - I was able to capture the “Untitled” error again and screencapped the dev console. No red errors, but lots of failed hash checks, on most, if not all of my docs.

Hmm the hash checks shouldn’t really matter, it’s only doing that because we’ve recently stopped sending the hash from the server and the desktop client hasn’t been updated to skip the check when it’s not sent.

Does it tend to happen to the same documents, or is it seemingly random?