Tips/tricks/naming to move items around

I use a single “projects” document with a list of projects. Under each project, I use vertical kanban with project statuses like BACKLOG/DONE/WIP/WAITING etc. Instead of striking through when completing a task, I move a bullet under one of the above bullets.

When I want to move an item to “DONE”, it’s a pain to move the item to the correct bullet since I use “DONE” all over the place:

I’m fixing it now by adding a #p.status tag for project statuses and #t.status for task statuses. Something like this:


I was wondering what others use to make moving things around easier and quicker? If the bullet you want to move something to isn’t unique, it’s a pain to find it.



Hmm, unfortunately I don’t think there’s a good workaround right now for not-so-unique names.

Obviously if the lists are together and not too long, you can do drag and drop.

Another idea is to port the parent: and ancestor: search ops over to this move item dialog (see Find search terms in parent nodes as well). That way you can search them based on which project it belongs to (e.g. done parent:oude).

I face a similar problem. I put the project name together with the generic terms like “Done”. So it could be “Car done”.