Timebox component

As a user, I want a better way to timebox certain task so I can stay honest and focused.

Similar to ! for dates, build a new timer component that users can add to a bullet point. When user taps the timer, it starts counting down. When user taps again, timer stops. If user marks the bullet point as complete, timer automatically stops. If neither happens, timer continues and becomes red.
Visually, it shouldn’t be a countdown, but count up to the timebox. Eg: 2:30 / 30:00.

Maintaining sync in timers between clients could be challenging. One solution is making mins or hours the smallest unit, which allows for higher latency in sync.

If this feature works, v2 allows calendar integration to add timebox tasks to open space on my calendar (or better to blocks that I predetermine safe for timeboxed tasks).

I think that’s too specific to be generally useful to most people. Maybe a good idea for a plugin in the future.