Time zone for reminders

Hi everyone,

I use a number of reminders for what you could call habits or routines. Some don’t apply anymore when I’m traveling (say, “take out the trash”), while others still do (say, “brush teeth after lunch”). In all cases, I’d like the time I set for those reminders to mean “that time, in whatever time zone I’m currently”. So the reminder for “brush teeth after lunch” should come at 2 pm PDT if I’m in San Francisco, and 2 pm CEST if in Zurich. (I use the Google Calendar integration, and app, to get reminders, since Dynalist doesn’t “natively” support reminders in the mobile app.)

So I’d expect to be able to say that a given time is relative to my current time zone, and to be able to set, maybe somewhere in the preferences, what my current time zone is. But there is maybe a better way to do this? However, this isn’t something I’ve seen in Dynalist; have I missed something?


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