Time stamps to show specific time on day due

When you have time stamps which have a specific time and are due today, they show how many hours is remaining until the event. Unfortunately this is also rounded up, and looks a bit like this:

This isn’t what you want when you are trying to understand your day - it is too imprecise and you have to calculate yourself what time the event is going to happen based on current time.

I would therefore like to request two things:

  • Add the specific time of the event on the day due, exactly as you have it for future days, like this (Personally I would prefer the time to be on the left, and the ‘time until’ to be on the right, but perhaps that’s just me):

  • Secondly, make the ‘time until’ time specific beyond one hour i.e. able to express ‘in 33 minutes’ etc …

Thank you for reading!

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Hi @Stephen_Dewitt,

I know you probably don’t read our blog and it’s really new and all, but have you tried the custom date format option? :smiley: That may solve this issue.


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Ah, I do read the blog but did not know this, thank you! This is a really helpful feature - I wonder if one day it could be implemented into a global option in settings i.e. you set the format you want and that applies to all future time stamps (including notably, those made through the day picker)? Correct me if I’m wrong but it seems like the current implementation requires manual / third-party macro setup, which is potentially quite cumbersome every time you want to set a reminder?

I don’t fully understand… The option right now is global and it applies to everything.

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Ahhh, well in that case, this doesn’t seem to exist on the windows desktop app (I am pro):

Here it is on chrome indeed!

This is really nicely implemented generally though as always, thank you!!

this was useful to know didn’t know you could change the defaults

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Have you restarted the desktop app recently? 1.0.27 is the latest :slight_smile:

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Apologies for repeated messages but just tested this and although the option isn’t there on the desktop app, if you make the change in chrome etc then relaunch desktop app, the time format is changed.