The weekly update thread

Thanks again to @Goklayeh for suggesting us to start doing these weekly updates.

Now, we’ve done 24 of these updates and counting!

We’ll post a copy of our weekly updates here as well from now on. :slight_smile:


2016 weekly update #45

Highlights: closed betas for MacOS and Linux, plus a bunch of small fixes.



Sorry, I wasn’t able to get this from the post: How can we join the betas?

The post simply announced that the closed beta has begun, so that other users can get a rough sense of our progress on them.

I can set you up if you want to join the Mac closed beta. :slight_smile:

Ah, I see.

I’d be interested!

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Emailed. Sorry for the late reply!

2016 weekly update #46

Highlights: fixes for macOS and Linux closed betas, new system font option, plus we’re starting to look for Android beta testers.


2016 weekly update #47


  • Read mode for mobile
  • Big sync optimization
  • Android app ready for internal beta (not closed beta)
  • Fixed copy paste on Android



Another awesome update :slight_smile: I’m looking forward to whenever the Android closed beta starts :smiley:


###2017 weekly update #11


  • Global Tag Autocomplete
  • Drag document to convert to item
  • 4 minor things fixed and some potential confusion was reduced.
  • The visual aspect of completed items and parents has been improved.

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Thanks for posting, I totally forgot about this thread…

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No problem. It’s pretty redundant for me because I receive the updates reliably in the app and via subscribing to the RSS feed. Fortunately the major topics are covered in the features section.

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##2017 weekly update #12


  • We added loading screen tips. Now, when Dynalist loads, you can learn some handy tricks to better use Dynalist.
  • Better keyboard shortcuts for Mac users. Now Cmd and Ctrl are considered two separate keys when customizing shortcuts, plus color label shortcuts uses Ctrl+Shift+1~6 rather than Cmd+Shift+1~6, so that applying color label 3 and 4 doesn’t conflict with the system shortcut to take screenshots.


  • [UI] Fixed cannot drag to rearrange bookmarks.
  • [UI/minor] Fixed can’t use Esc to exit document search.

(Sorry for being too lazy to do anything other than just copy paste it. The bold formatting takes care of highlighting the important stuff.)

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week #12 in fact :slight_smile:


Fixed, thanks for pointing that out!

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:sweat_smile: Sorry about that. I copied it and forgot to change it.

Thanks for correcting it, Erica!

2017 weekly update #13 | Previous Updates


  • Created time of an item now shows up when you hover over the bullet point, along with the last edited time.
  • You can also search for items created in a certain time range using the “created:” search operator, very similar to how “edited:” works.


  • [UI/search] Fixed Alt+Click cannot remove tag while searching.
  • [Desktop/Linux] Fixed Alt+Shift would change the layout and open menu on desktop Linux (Alt+Shift is used to switch between keyboard layouts).
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#Weekly update: 2017 week #14


  • When moving an item, 5 most recent destinations will be shown when no search term is entered.
  • Now when you click on items that contain formatting like named links, images, or dates, your cursor will land in the corresponding position in the plain text underneath. Before, the cursor lands in the same physical position, which is not necessarily the corresponding position.


  • [UI/search] Fixed re-focus on the Dynalist window would scroll back to previous place when you try to jump to the next occurrence with the browser default search.
  • [UI/search] Fixed only the last date is matched during search when multiple dates are in a item.
  • [Android app] Fixed Android app getting stuck (it keeps refreshing) when logging out.
  • [UI/minor] Fixed loading screen tips getting stuck when refreshing a Search Everywhere page.

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Thank you very much for the cursor change and the ‘re-focus’ fix … these two changes make the program feel much more smooth, mature and less ‘in beta’, good job!

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On behalf on Erica and Shida, you’re welcome!

Those changes are welcomed by me too. I guess we won’t need a WYSIWYG editor anymore. (kidding)