The Story of Dynalist

Sometimes there are stories about why things are made. A Youtube or article or something. Dynalist is such a well-done app, and I never knew why it was made? How many people made it? And what year around was it’s creation? Was the end goal to make it into something like logseq?

I saw in one of the threads here that some of the makers of dynalist are also making obsidian? How many key/main devs are there making obsidian? Who is the ceo of Dynalist Inc?

I’m really confused why obsidian was made. It’s so different in so many ways from dynalist. I find dynalist to be a whole lot better.

It is way older than logseq. Dynalist has been around a while. Even older is workflowy, the first popular web outliner, but didn’t support basic features like hyperlinks. Story is here

The story of Obsidian is here

Obsidian and Dynalist are very different, yes. Obsidian already has many more users, though, despite being much newer. Dynalist’s main selling points are the Pro features, so it’s more of a “better workflowy” for people who already spent years on workflowy, wrapping their minds around the big outline paradigm. On the other hand, Obsidian’s main selling points are free, and by being more documents oriented, it’s easier for new users to “get it”. The vast majority of Obsidian users don’t use Dynalist at all. They cover two different styles (or paradigms) of thinking about one’s notes.


Dang this superhero person knows so much, and seems like the only person that knows the story, but only joined in 2018… This is like the historian of all this. Good answer.

vast majority of Obsidian users don’t use Dynalist at all

It’s weird why they would say this since they don’t know every users of obsidian though. Maybe they do use dynalist =) which is overall a whole lot better ofc

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Same here, though I haven’t tested Obsidian yet. — Just took a look.