The most important and basic search feature

I am a paying customer of Dynalist, but I can’t convince others to pay when the search is missing the most important thing.

I want to open a search result, from the page where my search originated. That is it…

At the moment, I can only go to my search result, if it was already expanded in the original document.

If I kept everything expanded, my dynalist would be a mess so that is not an option.

If I zoom in on the node, well that is not what I want for starters, But… if I zoom in anyway to look for a workaround…

If I click on the bread crumbs, it will only open my searched node, if that node was already expanded before I did my search. Again, that would make dynalist very messy.

Please please please add this most basic and functional of features.

The Jump To (ctrl shift O) option has the same problem. I do not want to zoom in. And even if I do, and then click back to my parent node, the item I jumped to is not open, so I have to manually dig for it.

I honestly don’t know how this isn’t the number one priority for Dynalist…

The fact that it isn’t should tell you something … there are 100 things we would all like ideally, but for me this isn’t even top 20. We all use dynalist differently and this isn’t something I’ve ever had a problem with.

Anyway, I think you’re talking about searching globally rather than within a single document?

I’ve just been playing around, and if you click on the actual name of the document, then when you enter that document, the current search is maintained, and so you can see the full structure - does that not do what you want?

For example, if I run this global search:


If I click on example 2, it all collapses (or, however it’s set up)


But if I click on the document name ‘Example’ the search is preserved when I move to that document - doesn’t that serve your purpose? Otherwise the layout (i.e. what is expanded) of your document would be changed by a search, which would seem more annoying to me



I actually had no idea that clicking on the document name preserved the search. I’ve been wanting that. Thanks for pointing this out!


I don’t understand what you’re saying. All searches on all websites originate from the page where the search originated.


I actually do mean that I search from the document, not globally usually. But from both searches, I would like to do the same thing anyway.

As an example. I have a document called resources. On that document I have everything from People, Apps, Jokes, Checklists, Books to read, Tutorials, Quotes, Links, Budget stuff all with varying levels of depth. Anything that I might want to look up later, I want to jot it down and easily find it.

The best thing I can do to get what I want is actually stay in the search, and then collapse and expand the node I want from there. The downside to that, is that I have to put up with all the other search results being expanded, and I also lose all of my other results which I have not searched for.

Ideally, I would like to go back to the original top layer view (or the view I was searching from if that happens to be two or three layers deep), with all the nodes that lead to my searched node open, so that I can stay in my same workspace, but now I have the searched item open and in front of me in my original workspace.

I want to maintain my home base on my top layer page, and be able to quickly open a node buried underneath somewhere, without leaving my home base. Does this make sense?

I want to maintain my home base on my top layer page, and be able to quickly open a node buried underneath somewhere, without leaving my home base. Does this make sense?

Clicking on the document name in the search results no longer opens the note. This has only stopped working recently. Anyone else experiencing this?

It still gets an underline when it’s moused over but clicking does nothing.

Oh yea, same here, that’s a pain! @Erica or @Shida do you know anything about this hidden change?

Just in case you dont want to crawl through the whole thread, it used to be the case that when you do a global search and click on the title of a document (e.g. clicking on ‘GTD’ below) it would take you to the ‘GTD’ document and even maintain the current search, which was super nice - now we can’t even click on ‘GTD’ … it has a hover-over animation, but nothing happens when you click


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Thanks for the screenshot Stephen. You’re a better person than I am! :slight_smile:

Just found someone else bringing this up: Unclickable file titles in search results

I think @Erica broke it recently but she’s got a fix for it already. It’ll be deployed soon.


Are there any updates on the status of this fix?

My bad, we’ll deploy it asap.


Works perfectly now. Thank you!