The main panel does not scale horizontally beyond

Steps to reproduce

resize browser window to full screen; the document node (see below) stays around 900px width max

body > > div.main-container > div.normal-view > > div.Document > div.Document-rootNode.u-use-pref-font

Expected result

Document node should resize accordingly to browser window size, without width restriction up to full screen width

Actual result

Document node gets to a certain width, and does not expand any more, regardless of browser window width


Windows 7 & Chrome

Additional information

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Additional comments

Thanks for reporting this!

Since you’re already using the developer tools, are you referring to the 60px padding at both sides?

Thanks Erica and please mark as Solved. I’ll paste your response here for documentation/posterity sake:

“(…) you should disable the “Center align document” option in Settings - Preferences - Appearance.(…)”

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