The letter "J" in my bookmarks is highlighted in yellow

Steps to reproduce

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Nothing. I just noticed this tonight for the first time. I used Ctrl+G to determine the instances of “J” in my bookmarks, and there are two: one uppercase and one lowercase. Both are highlighted in yellow. Out of curiousity, I tried adding a new “j”, but it was not highlighted. Seeing this made me really want to be able to use highlights in the bookmarks. I long for a solution to the crazy symbols and indentations I’m using just so I can navigate it.

Expected result

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Highlights one day! Was this “J” thing a sneak peak I wasn’t supposed to see? Oh, do tell! Spill all! :slight_smile:

Actual result

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Chrome OS. Chrome. Pixelbook.

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Additional comments

Thank you, awesome Dynalist team!

Amazingly, the highlights are now gone—even without a refresh! So bizarre!

Sorry I’m not entirely sure what you mean. Screenshots would help a lot, if you don’t mind!

From my understanding, you’re trying to use the Ctrl+G feature in the browser to highlight something, and there was a Dynalist bug preventing it from being useful?

From what I know, Ctrl+G do not highlight newly created page elements, which means if you highlighted two "J"s and create another “j” bookmark, it will not be highlighted unless you do Ctrl+G again.

Hi, Erica. Actually, for no reason at all, I saw the highlighted “J” and “j.” Only afterward did I try Ctrl+G to determine whether there were other instances of this letter in bookmarks.

I’d send a screenshot if only the highlighted letters stuck around. They’re gone. :slight_smile:

Hmm, that’s weird. Do send a screenshot if this happens again, thanks!

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