Thanks for the search refresh with bookmarks - how about for links too?

Hi guys,

Thanks for giving us a refresh on the current search when we click the bookmark for that search. Do you think you could extend that to work for links to the current search also? For example, at the top of my ‘main’ page, I have links to searches for different priorities using colours (Red, Orange, Yellow):


As you can see I’m currently in a red search - it would be nice if when I clicked on ‘Red’ it did the same thing i.e. updated the current search. At the moment the best I can do is click on ‘Orange’ then click back on ‘Red’.


Hmm, could you edit the note of the “GTD” item and take a screenshot so I have an idea how this is set up? Are they local searches inside the same document?

Hi Erica, thanks for getting back to me - yes they are just local links (Well, future and past go to different documents, but the relevant ones, Red, Orange, Yellow are for the current document), here you go:


Hi @Stephen_Dewitt, sorry for the late reply… it fell through the cracks somehow.

That’s reasonable, if the link contains a search it should try to force itself to update the results. I’ve tracked this in our todo list and hopefully it’ll be added soon.

Thanks for the patience!

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