Texts with Emojis Are Not Aligned in Breadcrumb

Steps to reproduce

Add emoji to a parent item

Expected result

All texts in breadcrumb should be aligned, like the image above.

Actual result

All children items are not aligned with the parent item, like the image above.


MacOS Sierra Version 10.12.3
Chrome Version 56.0.2924.87 (64-bit)

Additional comments

I frequently use emojis to highlight a certain documents so I hope this can be fixed soon!

Hi, I wanted to let you know I am using custom styles with Stylish Google Chrome extension. Even after I turned it off, this issue still persists! :cold_sweat: (I’ve tweaked font weight, line height and some colors so it shouldn’t affect alignment anyways)

Yep i have the same problem on beta testing DynalistHQ

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I have this problem as well in Dynalist app. MacOS Mojave

Will be addressed in an upcoming release!