Text typed on Android is not synced if app is closed within 2 seconds

Steps to reproduce

Open Android and Desktop app. Type a few words on android, then after 1 second press the home button.

Expected result

I expect to see the whole line on the desktop.

Actual result

On the desktop I can only see part of the line.


Android 8.1.0 (Android One)
Android Dynalist App 1.3.3

Chrome browser or Mac App app. (No Problem there)

Additional information

If I wait at least 6 seconds everything is synced. Or if I open the app again it is synced immediately.
Mac/Chrome both show:


While on android it shows the whole line.

Additional comments

It seems that the App syncs in an interval of 6 seconds. If i close the app in the right moment it might sync nothing at all.