Text search - how to remove search query while staying in place?



Sorry if this is a stupid question, but I couldn’t find an answer to it.
When I search within my documents, the search function itself works really well.
However, when I find the bullet point I’m looking for I want to be able to highlight it / set my marker at that bullet point, and then remove the search query so that the document is “back to normal”, only with the bullet point I was looking for highlighted / ready for further editing. When I search using tags this works just fine - I find the bullet point I’m looking for, highlight the point, remove the tag from the search field, and now I can continue editing the bullet point with the rest of the page showing unfiltered. However, when I do a free text search this doesn’t work. When I remove the text in the search field I’m automatically moved to the top of the page, even if I have certain sections highlighted.
Am I doing something wrong here?

Thank you very much for your help.


I don’t think you can do that. I’ve never done it.

Personally, I either do my edits with the search in place, or click zoom to focus in on the item and it’s children, or just click the expand bullet to collapse it then expand it again, which causes ALL the children to show up rather than just the searched ones.


Suggested feature for the team:

Set cursor to anywhere in the search results.
Exit search, brings you to the full document but leaves cursor at this new spot in the document.
Avoid this only by keeping cursor on the sesrch line.


Thanks for the replies, guys! Then I know it’s not currently possible - good to know!
Would be great if this could be implemented as a feature in the future - so I support Alan’s suggestion.

Have a great weekend, guys!


It works for me - I click somewhere in the desired node, press ESC two times and document is scrolled to the node with cursor in position where I leave it before hitting ESC


Not for me.

The first ESC causes the blinking | cursor to disappear and the node to unselect, and the second ESC clears the search box and the node is no longer anywhere in view.



Same thing here, George3.
I tested on both the stand-alone OSX app and in Chrome.


I have also tested this and as a reflection on what @George3 experienced:
IF you have the particular level collapsed before the search, it will not remain there after esc-esc , because it will recollapse it as it was before the search/filtering.
HOWEVER if you expand-all the document before searching/filtering, it will remain in place after esc-esc ing.

+1 for the need to be able to do this also on collapsed lists, but at least there is this workaround for now.