Tally of Overdue Items

It could be located somewhere, perhaps in the notifications area. It would scan all of your documents to look for things that might be overdue and would stay there and be adjusted/dismissed only when the items have been modified/completed/deleted.

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Sounds like a good companion feature for the item/tag/word count system.

Something like this:

The counter is off by default. When you turn it on, you can choose what metrics you care about. They will show up at the top right corner of the document (or the very bottom?).

Potentially useful counts off the top of my head:

  1. Item count
  2. Word count
  3. Character count (honestly I don’t understand in what cases this is useful, but Microsoft Word always has it)
  4. Tag count (hover to see distribution?)
  5. Date count
    a. Overdue date count
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I think the top bar is the best place to put it, as I don’t like having things on the bottom, unless there are buttons to fill up the bottom in a neat and even way (which would be hard for the desktop), and maybe through the settings search feature that would supposedly be implemented for power-users.

Hovering can be a bit distracting, I think that for this and point five, there should be an option to see the distribution in all documents. Especially if you had to wait for it to load and whatnot. And I guess it could just be a shortcut to the finder’s results page of tags or items, etc.