Tags (and Links) in Hidden Notes are unclickable

Not exactly a bug, but a usability… flaw.

Steps to reproduce

  1. Add tag to a Node’s Note. Hide Notes.
  2. Click Note Icon to display contents. Click tag.

Expected result

Open tag search.

Actual result

Cursor is moved to click location.


Web, Android. Current versions.

Additional information

This is probably due to how hidden notes are handled. Instead of clicking once to view hidden notes, and clicking a second time to edit, Dynalist jumps straight to editing. And when editing, tags - like links - are inactive.

The only way to ‘fix’ the issue would probably mess up someone else’s work flow, so maybe run a poll before doing anything. My vote is for two stage Hidden Note editing; first click - unhide, second click - edit.

Additional comments

… I’m thinking maybe this should have put this in Feature Requests. Comes down to a matter of perspective I guess. Is not being able to click tags a bug, or is two level hidden note editing a feature?