Tag Pane Loading Time

I’m finding the tag pane is taking an excessive amount of time to fully populate on the Webapp. I have a relatively small number of tags and my total list of items is modest. Anyone else experiencing this?

Not really a problem on the desktop app. I’m wondering if this is because it hasn’t got the recent enhancement to disregard certain types of tag e.g. #1 :thinking:

I believe the loading is postponed to prioritize loading other things (most notably the UI) so that Dynalist is usable. (@Shida, quick check, is that correct?)

Shouldn’t be… is this slower loading causing issues for you?

The tag pane loading is delayed until you open it, but if you’re looking at the tags of all documents, it would take longer since documents aren’t all immediately available on the webapp. Only the currently opened document is prioritized, then other documents are slowly loaded to avoid the page becoming unresponsive or laggy.

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Thanks for the response Erica, and the explanation Shida. Just to quantify this, the webapp is taking 45 seconds and the desktop app 5 seconds.

is this slower loading causing issues for you?

Only if I wanted to start the app and go directly to a tag review - then it would be a bit frustrating. Once loaded it stays in memory for instant access so it’s not a problem subsequently.

Yeah, I can imagine that. You don’t have the tag pane open normally, correct?

Yes, that’s right.