Tag and date multiple items


Hi - long time Dynalist Pro user here. I’ve asked about this before, but this seems like a no-brainer: Say I get a list of 100 revision notes on a project which I want to pull into the revisions list for that project; I get such lists from multiple people involved in a project throughout the life of that project and I need to tag those items with the date received and the person who sent them. Currently, the only way to do this is ONE AT A TIME! This is obviously a huge time waster - seems I should be able to just select a bunch of list items and tag them all with sender and date, no? Please make this possible!



I think this would be very valuable as well. I work in a world where I tag notes by topic, or people, or just a plain old GTD style “waiting” or “pending” tag. I’d love to select multiple items and apply the tag(s) to each. The way this works in Evernote is very user friendly. I’d be happy to have it added to a right click menu option when multiple items are selected.


Yes Please!! Or does anyone have a workaround?


I would really like an option to tag multiple items at once.