Sync Fails to Operate

Obsolete text:

I have a document opened on both my phone app and my laptop web browser. They do not have the same content. Stuff I typed today on my phone is not appearing on my laptop. Stuff appearing on my laptop that I typed yesterday is not appearing on my phone. Both say they are current-synced.

I restarted the phone app to try to wake things up, and I refreshed the web browser.

EDIT: I typed a new item into my laptop, and after a brief wait, a sync finally occurred and the two are synchronized. However, one item I added on the laptop has been deleted.

EDIT: okay turns out the phone was not connected to Wifi, and for some reason data was disabled from the Cellular network. So the phone was not synced, and I was confused because the phone said Saved and I assumed that meant the same thing as Synced.

Also, am kinda offput that one item got lost. I can’t remember what it was but it no longer exists after the sync overwrote it.

Sorry, that’s an UI issue that we need to fix asap :frowning: