Switching to Dynalist from Workflowy AND Todoist?


Yes, I agree. Sometimes I re-discover a lost item which I hid away too neatly


this is why Erica needs to fasten up the API. So that we can push items from gmail and other places to a universal “inbox” in dynalist. It will be a clutter, but at least all the clutter will be at one place to sit down and clear.


I like GTD’s project definition as it encompasses both traditional projects and any multi-step process.

As for inboxes and Dynalist. I have the Dynalist app on my phone but also a shortcut saved to an “Inbox” bullet. Very useful. On the laptop I of course have Dynalist open all day.

Any additional inbox is not a problem as the Weekly Review process captures those.


I’m suffering from severe typing lag when I used the android app , I tried your suggestion on a clean shortcut with nothing on it for mobile note

For now I think I will just stick with googlekeep, it always works. One of the core principles of LEAN is to use older, more reliable technology when you have the option.

I just have to incorporate a workflow for “dragging and dropping” information from googlekeep to dynalist, probably will just manually copy-paste dump everything all in one go (won’t take very long), then seperate out the items by tasks vs notes. After its ported into dynalist, archive the note on googlekeep to keep things clean

I will probably scale down my stickynote usage unless I really need it, its starting to get out of hand for me


I used to use most of the known apps and was also a pro user of Todoist and Remember the Milk (v4).
Todoist wins with the quick adding of tasks, this includes recurring tasks and adding of due dates. No app is quicker. The mobile app is some of the best designed and easy to use app with support of swipe gestures for tasks.
The Dynalist mobile app is not very good, some bugs and a not very well designed interface. Also the web app has some bugs eg. this bullets + checklist thing.

But… Dynalist has this great hoist (“focus”) feature which makes large lists a lot easier to use. Show one line of the comment (or more) is also very great, a feature Todoist doesn’t have. With Todoist you must always click to see the comments… But Todoist supports multiple comments with direct support of Google Drive/Dropbox or local attachments.
Dynalist has the option to use checklists, bullets or sorted lists. Todoist has only this big round checkboxes.
But Todoist is the only app with a 2-way synchronization with the Google Calendar.

IMO for a ToDo or task manager app, Todoist is the better option. For a list app, Dynalist.