Swiping to complete/delete in mobile apps

It’s a little surprising that Dynalist still isn’t using swiping functionality in mobile apps. If I was an app developer it would be one of the first things I discussed with myself - what will I do with my left/right swipes :joy: fwiw Workflowy uses Complete/Delete which is fairly conventional and would be useful in Dynalist too.


Just wanted to bump this as it’s got four likes and it’s SO useful in Workflowy for reusable checklists. Thoughts Erica?

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Totally agree that would be very handy to

swipe left to delete
swipe right to complete an task

How does this reusable checklist work? If i check everything off, the only way to uncheck everything in mobile is to uncheck each individual item. In desktop I would select all and then uncheck all selected. Mobile doesn’t have a select-all. So what do you envision pottster?

Hi Alan. I was just thinking of a checklist which was recycled like a daily exercise log or a shopping list. Mobile uncheck/uncomplete all would also be nice but I was trying not to be greedy :wink:

I think swipe right could be the Mobile version of select like ctrl-click. Then after one or more are selected you can do all the operations on the selection.

As we’re up to 7 likes on this, any chance of adding a card to the Trello roadmap? At the moment this is the only feature that’s keeping me with a foot in the Workflowy camp :slightly_frowning_face:

In a similar vein, with other apps, I’m finding the floating menu resulting from a long press on the app icon in Android tremendously useful for quick input/access. Straightforward to code as well I believe :wink:

Haven’t looked into it, hopefully it will be straight-forward. My only concern is that during the quick input/access what the app can do is very limited and won’t be useful.

Regarding the original post, I think if you rename it to “Swiping to complete/delete in mobile apps”, it might get more interest that it deserve. That’s what you meant, right?

The apps that use this facility only use the long press menu for limited purposes e.g. Simplenote for a new note creation, WhatsApp for going to your top contacts and the camera. Basic, but useful none the less. They are like widgets without the need for another icon. Presumably, Android’s answer to 3D touch on the iphone.

It was what I meant. Title of post changed! :+1:

@Erica @Thao - Did we get enough likes for a Trello card on the Roadmap?

Here you go!


That’s great. Thank you. :grin:

We were supposed to be liking posts to get them on trello?

Yes, and apparently once it’s on Trello you should go there and like it again to get it happening!

Regarding the swipe, we’re still missing the multi-selection, or even single selection in Mobile. Might it be a good idea to implement a swipe to select and item and get the Hamburger commands thereby?

I completely agree that swipping to complete / delete would be great. I use the mobile app mostly for checking what I previously have listed on my computer while I’m on the go (for instance cheking the grocery list while in the suppermarket).