Swipe Left/Right on Text to Move Cursor in Mobile App

On editing text in an item, moving the cursor to the left/right is annoying to me on Dynalist mobile (native and web) app.

Could the cursor move to left/right by swiping left/right?
(Of course, swipe up/down should be kept for scrolling up/down.)

Swiping is inaccurate for cursor positioning though. I think that’s why swiping is used for less accurate things on mobile operating systems (opening a side menu, triggering an item state, etc.).

What about add “←” and “→” icons on the toolbar? Many text editor mobile apps have that. Same for jumping lines (“↑” and “↓”).


I think maybe as a secondary navigation toolbar, that might be useful and easily accessible, at least for those who would like to disable the buttons if they can’t do so individually via their settings.

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