Surround text using with [,`,( key

Support surrounding text with (),[], or ` by highlighting the text, then pressing [, (, ` keys.

You can see this behavior at , by highlighting some region of text then pressing (.
This helps with making links, applying code or other formats.

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To somewhat satisfy this need, I use one of two text expander extensions. Prokeys is one that works well in Chrome, and my current favourite is Auto TextExpander.

I use this also to create hyperlinks, and Markdown formatting. Quite a time savings from my perspective.

Your results may vary.


I have a concern: what if a user wants to select some text and replace them with these characters (i.e. (, [)? If the surrounding happens automatically, they’ll have to hit Backspace firsit and then type the character.

With code you can select text and press Ctrl+Backtick. And we should add a Ctrl+K shortcut that inserts []() for you. I think that’s a solution that doesn’t surprise anyone.

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Thanks for the tip with Ctrl+Backtick, but I, as a software-developer, would also be more user-friendly without Ctrl.

You could customize it (Pro feature), so that’s a possible option.

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You could customize it (Pro feature), so that’s a possible option.

Thank you, great!

I have Pro plan now, but I can’t wrap text with parentheses or square brackets.

Yeah, this feature is not implemented yet.

I’m not sure if Dynalist should auto-pair the brackets, as Dynalist is not a code editor per se.

What formats are you using heavily that require brackets and parentheses, if I may ask?

I agree. But it can be an option for geeks like me. Even Pro-plan option.

Markdown. Ctrl-K helps for links, but sometimes I’m trying to make them manually (if I have a link already and want to wrap it and add a text). Also, there are my habits: if I wrote something and later decided to wrap it into parentheses (like this).

These cases are not so often, but I’m bringing your attention to OP: this feature is requested (not only by me), and still not implemented (sadly).