Suddenly lost data without any reason - desperate

I am really desperate. I just lost all of my data inside of a file. Suddenly, everything disappeared. I thought that I checked everything but this is not the case, the file is absolutely empty.

Afterwards I checked Dynalist with my phone. At the first glance, everything was there again. But then, potentially after sync, everything disappeared as well.

As I already said, I am desperate. Is it possible to recover the data?

Thank you

That’s web apps for you. I click this every so often:)

Hard to suggest anything without backups; I doubt Dynalist keeps previous versions on the server, although it might be possible to extract some data from server-side backups, which I’m sure they or their hosting provides does with some regularity.

Dynalist has a version history. Have you checked that feature?

Thanks for this hint. Unfortunately I did this more than two months ago.

Server side backups for a certain time stamp would be great. Does this exist?

Looks great but I don’t see it in my case. Is it a pro feature? I would really think about a subscription if this is the case…

Version History for documents is a Pro feature. Effectively a timeline of backups relating to changes in the document. Details here. With a Pro subscription you also get auto backups to Google Drive.

If you don’t have a Pro subscription you can email support and they may be able to help you recover your data if it’s possible. They are usually very helpful in this regard.

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Hi pottster. This sounds great, thank you. I will write them an e-mail and hope for the best … I will report here …

I suspect this is caused by a sync that happens if you delete a blank node from one device before all the data is synced from another.

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Got two emails about it too and replied to them both. Hopefully this be solved via some free trial time and version history.

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I’ve had some pretty bad sync issues happen to me, to the point I would rather wait till I get to my main PC than use mobile app. Sad

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Hi @Erica. Thank you for your great help. With the help of the version history I was able to recover all the data. I have no idea how this could happen, but potentially it was a shortcut accident with fat fingers …

Great to know version history helped! :smiley:

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