Strikethrough remains when converting checklist node back into normal node

Steps to reproduce

  • create a node with some text
  • context menu > Make checklist
  • check off the checkbox
  • context menu > Unmake checklist

Expected result

The text should be reverted back to normal (no strikethrough) when selecting Unmake checklist.

Actual result

The strikethrough remains, with no way to delete the styling.


Dynalist macOS

In the web version you can remove the strike through by unchecking them item, either with the context menu or Ctrl + Enter. Even if it’s not a checklist item.

In your Steps to reproduce try using the context menu to uncheck the item after unmaking the checklist.

Ah OK, then maybe it’s more a design decision … I really expected the strikethrough to disappear when disabling the checkbox. In my view checking things off made sense only if there’s a checkbox.