Sticky Header on Mobile


For those of us with large nested documents, it’d be awesome if the header ‘stuck’ to the top of the screen when we were scrolling down for quick and easy access!

Either that, or a fourth area (alongside tags/bookmarks) with an easily accessible outline area. I prefer the first option though. :nerd_face:

Right now, if we’ve taken a new note at the bottom of our document and want to navigate (within the same document) elsewhere, we’d need to manually scroll back to the top each time!

Hope this makes sense :slight_smile:


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Although I would find this useful, screen space is so limited on my phone I have to vote No. i only have 11 lines of visibility right now with the keyboard open.

Yeah, for the reason @Alan pointed out, if this gets implemented one day, it will be an opt-in feature. Or at the very least, those who value screen space more can opt out.